Tuesday, December 15, 2009

when it rains...

it pours.

That tends to be true whether you're referring to either the good or bad things in life. Thankfully for me, well for today at least, it's been raining in the best way possible.

After months and months of job hunting, various temp jobs and coming to terms with the possibility that my luck may just be running out and I'd be stuck moving back to Texas, I finally got offers. That's right. OFFERS. Two job offers in one day to be exact.

I could've never imagined that happening. Both are amazing offers that people would kill for. Two major corporations that are well-known and respected worldwide, CBS News (The Early Show) and the Four Seasons (Magazine).

I've been freelancing at The Early Show since late October as an assistant to one of the anchors and today my boss asked me to come on full time. She's absolutely fabulous. I really do love her, she's a great person and a joy to work with. My fear with this position is that I don't know what a it could lead to in the future.

The other position came about when my old boss from Modern Bride & Elegant Bride Magazines was recently hired at the Four Seasons Magazine. This position seems to be everything I've been looking for. Technically, I'd be a sales assistant. I'd also have the opportunity to be coordinating promotional events (such as the magazine's shows during NY Fashion Week), working closely with the sales director and publisher on creative marketing strategies and assisting the editor-in-chief with projects as needed.

Based on that alone, and especially when you throw in salary, benefits, etc., my decision is obvious. It's just difficult for me because I feel like I will be letting down whichever one I don't choose. And one of the things I hate most is that feeling that I've let someone down. But, as my friends say, this is one of the times when I do need to think about what's best for me, which is something I'm not used to doing. I guess that's just one of those things that comes with being an adult... It's a crisis of possibilities!

And I'm insanely excited!! :)

quote of the day

"Truthfully, I think you've got a really good grip on the situation... let's just call him the 'situation'"
"Well, I won't be gripping THAT situation for awhile... or ever again haha"

- And this one is an original. Legit convo between friends.

Monday, December 14, 2009

john mayer on male behavior

Earlier today, John Mayer shared a few insightful tweets regarding male behavior.
  • "Why men are confusing: first order of business, separate the men who mean well from men who don't think about meaning well."
  • "Now, men who mean well are the most infuriating. Assholes are easy. Mean-well-men are the most destructive types."
  • "Mean-well men are in the business of making others happy before their own needs."
  • "Those needs never surface until they explode in a seemingly out of nowhere outburst of selfishness."
I completely agree with the basic idea here. I do think there is a difference between these "mean-well" men and those who don't even think about meaning well.

I'd say either are capable of causing quite a bit of damage, but that level of damage is where it all changes. The jerks will never get under your skin the way those "mean-well" men do. Sure they could be entertaining for a round of drinks/etc., but deep down you know better than to give them a real/serious chance. Or at least I like to think I do...

It's all about expectations. The "mean-well" guys lead you to believe you can expect a bit more out of the, which is why they'll end up being more infuriating.

The mean-well men are where things really get tricky. It's not to say their intentions aren't genuine, they just may change over time, or, as John said, explode in an outburst of selfishness.

I'm a pretty selfless person so selfishness is one of those emotions I just don't know how to handle... And I have to say it's also a VERY unattractive quality.

What I wonder is, are men always either a "mean-well" guy or a guy who doesn't even "think about meaning well?" Or do they go through phases in their life? Or does it change from situation to situation/woman to woman?

It's a very interesting theory, John sure gave me a lot to think about...

quote of the day

"God doesn't give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need; to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to make you into the person you were meant to be."

- Author Unknown