Wednesday, March 31, 2010

can't wake the dead. or, in this case, me.

I always imagined that the older I got, the easier it would be to get up in the mornings.  For a brief, shining moment in my life this was proving to be true.  But now it couldn't be further from it.

I like to blame it on my boyfriend, altho the fact that he lives 3000 miles away keeps that from being a totally valid reason.

My alarm goes off at 6:25am and continues to ring every 5 minutes until I'm actually up.  You would think it would be impossible to sleep through that, but trust me it's not.  It usually takes at least an hour for me to realize the alarm even started going off, then another 30 minutes or so to decide I want to get out of bed.  

My old boss at The Early Show, gave me an iHome for Christmas.  I had only been using it as an iPod player, but recently I've started using the iPod alarm feature and I have to say, it really is helping.  Waking up to Here Comes The Sun is pretty nice.

I do need to get better about waking up.  I just really love to sleep.  That may never change.

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