Wednesday, March 31, 2010

how 'bout not bringing on the rain? or the frizz?

The arrival of all this nasty, nonstop rain coincides with one thing.  Uncontrollable BIG HAIR.

Spring showers and summer humidity are not my friends.  I managed to get my naturally curly hair somewhat under control last year by keeping it very long and basically never going outside.  But unfortunately, thanks to last week's trip to a new, cheap hairdresser (who's inch was MUCH bigger than mine) the long hair fix is a no go.  Just in time for the start of the humid/disgustingly wet season!

I just hope we have a summer in NYC this year.  Last year was awful.  I remember in June it rained for about 21 days that month.  Send it down to South Texas!  We could really use that kind of rain down at the ranch.

What I really can't handle is inaccurate weather reports. That really drives me crazy.  Today, I read there would be am clouds/pm sun.  Well, it's 9am and Weather Channel, you forgot to mention that it would also be extremely misty.  Thanks for that.

I'm going to get to the office looking like a poodle.  Not the best fashion statement.  Oh well, at least I won't be seeing any of our clients, etc today!

I just had a thought, maybe I should look into some type of big wave perm to change my curl pattern...  Wait.  That's more money I don't have.

*written during my morning commute, too lazy to make adjustments now

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