Tuesday, March 30, 2010

train of thoughts

I've discovered the best time for me to actually blog. During my commute. That's right, coming at you from underground!

But really, let's face it. It's totally more productive than brickbreaker. Aaaand I've already reached a high score that I know will be impossible for me to break so it's time to put my energy/attention elsewhere!

I am slightly worried that my posts will become the typical irritated New York rant. I have to be sure to keep my commuter anger in check. But I just stepped onto the platform I can already feel the rage building...

Now typing while standing/holding on is proving to be a challenge. It's just too slow! My thoughts are flying in MUCH faster than I can type. And I fear that I'm already developing carpal tunnel. My right thumb hates me.

Oh, yaaaay!!!! SEAT!

I really should be reading my book, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. It's the first book chosen by my book club and so far it's pretty good. But since I'm a cheapo I checked it out from the Brooklyn Public Library and it is GIGANTIC. Huge hard cover. Complete with a plastic cover protecter. I feel like I'm in high school.

Another book that I'm excited to get started on is my Simple Diary. My boss is so sweet, she brought it for me from her trip to Switzerland for Baselworld. It's not an ordinary diary. Each page has a spot for you to enter the date and there are a few multiple choice questions, some open ended questions, a quote and I can't remember what else. Come on. It's got simple in the name. My kind of diary.

So far I'm a fan of train blogging. It's definitely making the ride go by faster. Hmm, altho I just thought of the downside. I'll probably get really into this and then hate when I have to stop, get off and lose my train of thought.

I wish I was a faster blackberry typer!

I'm getting off at the next stop, might as well call it quits before I get too far ahead of myself!

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