Thursday, April 8, 2010

yes, these are things i really spend time thinking about

I can't always explain why my mind goes to the places it does.  Sometimes it just takes off.

I was watching an episode of Justified (which I'm still undecided about, but my love for Timothy Olyphant has kept me interested) when a scene with several men wearing the traditional black and white striped prison suit made me think of The Hamburglar. And it struck me - why did The Hamburglar run around in that same prison outfit?

Given the evidence below, it's safe to say he is not in custody.

So why the outfit?  Can we assume that the Hamburglar spent a considerable amount of time in jail?  Did he escape?  Did he somehow work the system to get out early or is the jail sentence for hamburglary just not so lengthy?

AND, whether he was freed or he escaped, if he is back out and up to his old burger stealing ways, would he really want to attract all that attention by walking around dressed like a convict?

At least he accessorized.

I think McDonald's probably should've put a little more time into developing his character.

And don't even get me started on Grimace.  I mean, what IS Grimace?

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